Buy Outs

Estate Sales by Adkins offers a unique service.  In addition to professional research and pricing of your items during the sale, at no charge, we can place remaining inventory in our retail store, Antique City Mall, or in auction hall, Auctions by Adkins. Another feature that separates us from competition is our ability to buy the remaining items from our clients.   It is our goal to offer as many alternatives and custom tailor our services to our customers needs.  If a client chooses to exercise our buyout clause, we establish a fair price which is competitive in the marketplace.  

Depending on the timeline for our clients, some desire to have their estate liquidated immediately and not take advantage of our Estate Sales, Antique Mall or Auction house.  In those instances, we conduct an appraisal of the estate to determine fair market value and will provide a cash offer. 

As you can see, there are a host of options for liquidating your estate. Our professional staff and vast experience have made us industry leaders in this area.  Contact us today, so we can help.